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About us

County of Sanctuary Pembrokeshire is a Constituted Community Group in Pembrokeshire providing support for refugees and asylum seekers. Our aim is to give those fleeing war, persecution and human rights violations in their home country a sense of warmth, hope and community in their new life in the UK.

Galvanised by the placement of Asylum Seekers in Penally, we are now offering a range of support and opportunities for the men in Penally Initial Accommodation. These include:

English Lessons. Our brilliant English teachers offer men English lessons over phone and online applications, meaning that no matter what happens, asylum seekers have access to learning and a sense purpose.

Befriending Scheme. Our befriending scheme matches up local people with men in the Initial Accommodation. This offers both parties friendship, support and the opportunity to learn from each other.  Many asylum seekers report feeling isolated and this scheme helps to solve that. No matter what your language a walk on the beach and a welsh cake always feels good.

Sanctuary Days. Our amazing team works with volunteers to set up days out across the county. They usually involve being somewhere scenic, games, music and a big feast. We are offering these to every single person inside Penally initial accommodation. As well as being a wonderful escape from life in the barracks and an opportunity for volunteers and asylum seekers to meet in a stress-free setting, it also serves to form bonds with men of different cultures and languages within the barracks and encourages a sense of community.

Welcome Packs. With every new set of arrivals we provide welcome packs for each resident. These include things like underwear, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, hand sanitiser and some sweet treats.

Needed Items. We provide the men with requested items such as barbering equipment, notebooks, games, sports equipment and more.

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